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Grano bistro

Welcome to the delicious, earthy, simple Italian food! That’s what Grano boasts about and that’s the reason we’re going back over and over again.

Its savory cuisine, superb wines by the bottle or by the glass and total lack of pretension has quickly made Grano the toast of the town. Giulio da Sacco, the owner, has poured his significant expertise and traditional recipes learned from parents and grandparents into this laid-back bistro in the heart of Bucharest.

The place is divided into 2 sections: the shop and the bistro.

The Bistro

Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere are making it the perfect place to unwind after a hectic work day.The bistro offers traditional Italian dishes done well and with finesse. As you enter you see the  the chalkboard with the menu, the open kitchen and the shelves full of great wines.

They recommend starting off the meal with a glass of Prosecco. GRANO offers two varieties by the glas: a sweeter Superiore di Cartizze (Conte da Sacco) and a more dry prosecco, Soligo Valdobbiadene.

The food is outstandingly good Italian: whether you’re craving world-class pasta, fragrant steaks or a great spread of salumi, cheese and antipasti, there’s a place in Grano to get your fix. A lively open kitchen produces a diverse pastry menu: mini pizzas, desserts, pitas.

While Italy has introduced me to countless culinary experiences, one of my top favorites would have to be the antipasti. As cheese is at the top of my food pyramid, I must recommend you try the platter with a buratta  from Puglia, this silky, smooth white pouch tied. Once sliced, a rich yet fresh milkiness flavour flows out.

The daily specials like risotto on Wednesdays, ravioli on Thursdays and Gnocchi di patate every Friday are big favorites among the clients.

A dish they are very proud of is the pasta with donata sauce. Named after Nanni’s mother (one of the two owners), the sauce Donata is their most classic pasta rosso made with tomatoes and fresh basil. Some other of the menu’s highlights are: the Affettati platter with sliced meats paired with a glass of Soligo, Cabernet (Veneto), the Pasta Quattro Formaggi paired with a glass of Novaserra, Greco di Turfo (Campania) or Tagliata di Manzo accompanied by a glass of Salier de la Tour, Syrah (Sicilia).

There is a choice of around 11 wines by the glass and a variety of 70 wines available by the bottle.

The shop

In the shop you can find: sea salt from Cervia, Monograno Felicetti dry pasta, fresh Burrata from Puglia, mozzarella di Bufala from Campania, prosciutto Crudo (San Daniele & Parma), Salami di Felino, Bresaola, Mortadella, Speck, Lardo, Pancetta. If you like cooking pasta at home, you might try their fresh Pasta: penne, spaghetti alla chitara, tagliatelle, integrale fusilli.

Italy is rightly famous for its cheese, which is revered and refined in every region, city, town. Their DOP gorgonzola from Piedmont is very rich and creamy and can be paired with a dry high-acid white like Greco do Tufo. The gorgonzola from Piedmont is also the main component of their quattro formaggi pasta dish from the menu.

Grano has a wide variety of salumi: Prosciutto Crudo (San Daniele & Parma), Salami di Felino, Bresaola, Mortadella, Speck, Lardo, Pancetta. Sliced prosciutto crudo in Italian cuisine is often served as an antipasto, wrapped around grissini, or accompanied with melon.
The service is very friendly and efficient with an active hands-on owners. Everyone has a good feeling about this restaurant and shop and once you try it you come back over and over again.

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Reply November 3, 2013

Thank you Roxana,
we'll be happy to welcome you over and over again, how flattering and nice to read your words.

We are grateful

Giulio, Nanni and Grano

    Reply November 20, 2013

    Always a pleasure to come eat at Grano and see you doing the best for your customers!

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