Lacerta Pinot Noir 2010

Lacerta Pinot Noir

A delicate and fruity Pinot Noir, with notes of green spices, raspberries, cherries, and strawberries.

Lacerta Pinot Noir 2010 is one of the highlights of the Romanian wines, from Lacerta Winery located 100 km North-East of Bucharest, in Buzau county. The Austrian producer from Dealu Mare brings a sophisticated technology, knowledge and skills in winemaking which mixed with the „terroir” results into well balanced and appealing wines.

Swirl the wine in your glass; it will release a range of delightful aromas as it typically exhibits a fruit-forward character.

Real finesse and interest here, it tends to be charming and haunting. This is by far my favorite Romanian Pinot Noir!

Lacerta Pinot Noir 2010 can be paired with veal, pork, game and lamb. We paired it with herby lamb chops, a great match for weeknight suppers. You can buy it for 14 € from the wine shops.

Lacerta Winery is becoming known for great values and this red blend of grapes is no exception. Located on top of a hill, offering great views of the surroundings: the vineyards and the Fintesti village, it is open for wine tasting.

A visit here is like a breath of fresh air. We will go visit, again, in 3 weeks and be back with more details from the owners themselves. Until then.. some sunshine from Lacerta Winery.

Lacerta Winery

Photo credits: Lacerta Winery

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iulian simionescu
Reply November 17, 2013

Imi place ce scrii aici, keep doing it :-)

    Reply November 17, 2013

    ma bucur tare mult ca-ti place, Iulian! ;)

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