Luscious New Year’s Desserts from Madame Lucie

If there’s one rule for a New Year’s Dessert it’s that it has to come together with a smile! Start off the New Year on a sweet note with celebratory cupcakes, macarons, mini chocolates, cheesecake or tarts, rich desserts from Madame Lucie, that are sure to impress your guests.

Whether you’re hosting a full house with all of your friends or watching tv only with your sweetheart, get a selection of delectable sweets that you can serve with a glass of champagne or a good Moscato D’Asti.

It’s quite impossible for me to resist the pastries and chocolates created by Alain Fourneret, at Madame Lucie, few streets away from home. I am fond of mini desserts for years…  Their size, shape and color take you to a joyful trip to childhood and the fact that you don’t have to pick just ONE dessert but can in fact try several, due to being tiny, is just awesome to me.

Try their extraordinary macarons.. they melt in your mouth .. and mini chocolates or their amazing cheesecake- one of the best in town. The invitation for cheesecake comes from someone that has tried dozens of cheesecakes during the 2 years time spent in the USA, believe me, Madame Lucie gives you a real cheesecake treat!

Taste  Alain Fourneret’s assortment of mini chocolates, recently launched. The cocoa is original from Belgium, they use French butter and the sour cream is 100% Romanian. The chocolatier experimented with new flavors, trying innovative takes on traditional chocolates. A lot of hard work has gone into mixing up with aromas, such as piment d’espelette, Séchuan pepper, lime, ginger  and fruits (the pink grapefruit in white cover is a firm favorite) and the sweets are extra fresh when they hit the shop floor. If you’re a chocolate nut you should know a bit more than which is your favorite ganache or chocolatier. You should know about chocolate molding and decoration process, appreciating elegant and striking designs, a reminder that chocolate is not just food, but an art.

About the cupcakes displayed in the shop, try to resist yourself from snatching them all..

Savez-vous garder un secret? It turns out that I don’t have to travel to Paris to try the best desserts, they are right here hidden in a narrow street downtown. Hidden is in fact, an understatement..

Madame Lucie

Clear windows are the great for gawking at macarons

Macarons & Mini chocolates

Un régal de chocolats & macarons

Madame Lucie

These cute mini desserts are perfect for a festive party or buffet

Madame Lucie

Elegant French-style macarons are sure to impress at any dinner party

Cupcakes Madame Lucie

A bright glaze makes these cupcakes especially festive

Madame Lucie cakes

The cakes. Madame Lucie photo credits

Madame Lucie macarons

Madame Lucie photo credits

Macarons@ home

Enjoying macarons @home

Sweet treat

Perfect for my morning coffee

Un régal de macarons


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