21 gifts for a foodie

foodies gift

The foodies are great people to buy gifts for because they get as happy as children when receiving something for their kitchen. Besides there are so many stores to buy from and so many ideas, you only have to know a little bit of their preferences. I was recently thinking about some food-themed gifts, perfect for anyone who loves spending time cooking at home or dining in restaurants and here are some picks:

1. Let’s surprise the one who loves to experiment in the kitchen with a gorgeous piece of copper cookware! It is prized by kitchen connoisseurs and it will last a lifetime, actually it will pass by for few generations. It is useful, elegant and there is a wide range of them: from the classic Mauviel, to the more affordable ones. A wide range of options and prices on amazon.co.uk.


2. Say cheese! Weather it’s cheese knives or a cheese board, you can easily find a wide range to choose from, on the market. Here is a Cheese knife guide that says it all.

cheese knife guide


Cheese knives

3. Le Creuset cocotte or other colorful ramekins.


4. Spices, chutneys, oils

Truffle salsa, chutneys or butter with different aromas from Comtesse du Barry. Flavored balsamic from O&Co. Spices from Bazarul cu mirodenii- online. Oriental ingredients and organic seeds for the foodie to plant from Ki-Life. Jams and chutneys from Les Saveurs d’Yveline. And let’s not forget the most important: salt! They will always appreciate a good quality of salt.. Camargue, the crispy Maldon or the sandy Guerrande.

spices oils chutneys

5. Nice and colorful plates

colorful dishware

6. Wine accessories, such as: a decanter, a bottle opener, wine aerator. Here is Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump with 2 x Vacuum Bottle Stoppers and the Pro Rabbit Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener Tool, a 21st century redesign of the original Herbert Allen lever corkscrew



wine accessories

7. Chefs knife – choose from Global or Shun. This is a Yoshikin Global Pro


8. Truffle shaver – Perigord, Burgundy, Alba, it slices incredibly thin strips off of the truffle quickly and easily. Truffles are so packed with flavor that a little bit goes a long way on top of your pasta, meat, eggs, etc. Choose between a stainless steel or wooden handle. The prices vary 30-50€.

Truffle shaver

9. Smart kitchen thermometer-even the big chefs use it, you might need it especially for the steak.


10. Books for the foodie – any of the ones in the picture are a real asset.


11. The secret weapon in every kitchen: an easy-to-use digital scale.


12. Barbecue tool set


13. A beautiful carafe – a classical one. These ones are from Cosi Tabellini.


caraffe 1

14. Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker Cuisinart

Ice Cream Maker Cuisineart

15. Something vintage always expresses sturdy elegance

vintage 1



16. Deluxe Molecular Gastronomy Kit


Heston's molecular chef

Heston Blumenthal – the master of them all


17. Classic Sous Chef 5-Piece Knife Block Set. This set includes shears and knives.

sous chef knife's set

18. A gastronomic class in the Parisian cooking school Cordon Bleu. They even have 3 days programme.

19. Colorful and fun accessories

fun n colofrul accessories

20. A cooking torch

cooking torch

21. A gourmet tour you may choose from here: http://gourmetontour.com/

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