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Having to deal with hectic everyday situations, we tend to have a growing need to relaxation and more quality time to ourselves. Many of us are discovering the bathroom as a place for relaxation and wellbeing. Today the bathroom has an important role both from visual and emotional, besides the functional aspect looked for in the past.

We found Devon & Devon when decorating the bathroom, in search for charm, harmony and high quality. Devon & Devon stylish accessories collection gives every bathroom a perfect touch.

Set up 25 years ago in Florence, as the offshoot of a business initiative of the architects Gianni and Paola Tanini, respectively CEO and Art Director of the brand, Devon & Devon is one of the most authorative griffe on the international interior design scene. The styling of its complete, coordinated collections of bathroom furnishings has acquired an increasingly broad audience – acclaimed by stars and politicians, from Bono Vox, to Coppola up to and including Putin, without forgetting kings, queens and princesses – earning the brand a forefront position as a reference point for the entire sector.

The creation of unequalled products marked an immediately recognisable style characterised by reminiscences of the past combined with unfailing “originality” has always been the inspiring leitmotif of Devon & Devon products. The brand has geared successfully to new challenges with absolute coherence, drawing inspiration with balanced, understated and refined elegance from classical European fin de siècle cultural hallmarks and early 20th century American Art Deco and defining a new trend in bathroom design: the Contemporary Classic. Devon & Devon a trendsetter in style, with Italian soul and a sophisticated international allure is now sustained by qualified, wide-scale distribution in more than eighty countries worldwide, offering devotees of bien vivre and of beautiful objects the possibility of discovering its collections at exclusive flagship showrooms present in the main international cities.

Here is a fine range offered by the Italian designer: consoles, vanity rooms, bathtubs, sanitary ware, taps, shower doors, shower mixer, lighting, towel warmers, basins, mirrors. In order to get an emotionally satisfying space, Devon & Devon is considering aspects as: materials, fittings, ergonomics and space capitalizing.

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To create an emotionally pleasurable environment, objects and elements have to relate with personal needs, wishes and our emotional state.

There are those who prefer the classic forms, those who are attracted by modern style, or by traditional lines, next to retro or deco, mainly all looking for the emotional out of the functional space.

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Attention to details, premium materials, innovation, commitment and superior customer service are part of Devon & Devon brand values.

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Devon & Devon @ home

Devon & Devon @ home 


Pascal Delmotte Interior Design
January 13, 2014

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