Discovering the South African wines

Across the world, there is diversity in wine making, in the New World, that is compelling. New regions have emerged, such as New Zeeland, South Africa or Argentina. As a particular note, the New World wines tend to be correspondingly more full-bodied, have a fruitier style, with more use of new oak.

Recently, I discovered a range of South African wines, Saxenburg, from Stellenbosch, the most famous wine-producing region, situated in the Western Cape’s Coastal area.  It ranks the 2nd in terms of aging in South Africa. Their philosophy: “A wine signifies a place, what the French call terroir. The better the place is known and understood the better the wine.” They convinced me, since I like their wines so much, for sure I will add the Stellenbosch region on my travelling list.



Saxenburg Wine Farm, Stellenbosch, South Africa – one of the eldest wineries at the Cape- since 1693.

In Romania, the Saxenburg brand is distributed by Gourmet Trading, represented by Ladislau Kristof and Roland Birr. The wines can be found in METRO Cash&Carry.


Last summer I enjoyed the Saxenburg Private Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2006, complex, a tropical fruits flavored wine, with a lovely savory complexity. It was nicely paired with seafood pasta. A  100% Sauvignon Blanc, it is very dense and with strong aromas. The retail price is around 20€.

In order to promote their wines, Gourmet Trading is organizing elegant dinner parties. The cooking and the events are held by Roland Birr.



You can choose from their wines:

saxenburg sauv blanc wine

SAXENBURG SAUVIGNON BLANC 2012, The Private Collection for 20€.

100% Sauvignon Blanc, it is very dense and with strong aromas. It pairs well with spinach, asparagus, hollandaise sauce. A complex wine, with tropical fruits, citrus fruits, lemongrass, hay and strawberry floavors.

PC Shiraz

SAXENBURG SHIRAZ Selected, for 120€.

A delicate 100% Shiraz, it is called the Icon-wine of South Africa. In the past 6 years it was chosen the best Shiraz in all South Africa.  This Saxenburg Shiraz has been rated with John Platter’s 5 stars for the last 11 years.

It has forest fruits, tobacco, mint and a bit of vanilla flavors. It goes well with red meat but it can also be paired with a tuna in pepper crust or with spices. Because of its complexity it is fabricated only in the good years.

PC Shiraz4

SAXENBURG SHIRAZ Private Collection , for 25€.

100% Shiraz. A round wine, with strong aromas with notes of coffee, wood and vanilla. The wine with its  warm spicy flavours and hints of coffee strikes a fine balance between fruit and tannins.  This wine is best complimented by game or full-flavoured meat dishes (veal, lamb) or even spicy dishes. A feminine and elegant wine that can easily be paired with only a good book. 🙂

gf rose

Saxenburg Guinea Fowl Rose 2011, for 12.5€.

100% Pinotage. A fruity wine, with strawberry, wild strawberry flavors. It can be paired with sushi, wasabi, with indian food. The asian dishes really need fruity wines and this rose balances all the spiciness in the asian cuisine.

gf red.djpg


Blend: 41% Cabernet Sauvignon + 36% Merlot + 23%Shiraz.

This wine has currant, blueberry, blackberry flavors. Besides the classic dishes of red meat, this wine goes well with black chocolate desserts.

gf chenin blanc

SAXENBURG GUINEA FOWL 2011 for 12.5 €.

Blend: 60%Chenin Blanc + 40%Viognier.

This is the 6th vintage for Saxenburg white Guinea Fowl. Their Chenin Blanc vines are 31 years old giving us maturity and complexity. The Viognier adds richness and structure to the blend whilst the Chenin Blanc is fresh and fruity. Guinea Fowl white is a perfect aperitif, great with chicken and salad dishes and will also compliment spicy oriental foods. Serve chilled!


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