End of spring in Île-de-France

Chacun à son Paris.. everyone has a vision of Paris, the city of memories and of love.. In the past few years this is my Paris..  Staying in a private house with a unique experience that I can’t get in a hotel: a charming estate, enjoying a lovely and quiet courtyard with trees and flowers, a nice well decorated place giving the sense of truly living in this destination.

Île-de-France is the essence of France and all the French things. Rather than taking a trip to see only Paris, I love to experience the delights and wonders that surroundings have to offer, all within a short Uber ride away from the French capital… it feels like a whole other world.

I suggest you make sure to experience a truly authentic trip to Île-de-France by avoiding crowded hotels and finding your very own little piece of France: discovering the colorful market in Versailles, enjoying a friendly café and browsing around the local shops. The wonderful Île-de-France reveals the real “art de vivre” with its pretty towns and fairy tale chateaux, art galleries, chic little boutiques, elegant squares and antique markets.

Airbnb, Abritel, Homelydays are sites that help the travelers live like the locals in the neighborhoods around them.

The opulent and fabulous Versailles, Fontainebleau- the favorite of the Impressionists, Giverny- Claude Monet’s former home, they all offer a beautiful escape from the hustle of the city. Here you can breathe history and art, wander among the trees, sunbath around a fountain with lots of movable seats or people watch on a lovely spring day.

While Versailles is by far the most famous and popular, there are other great places to visit that are just as interesting, and far less crowded. Some of the best places to go in nature are: Armainvilliers, Montmorency, Ville DÁvray, Saint Germain en Laye.. they reveal castles, Michelin starred restaurants, ponds, romantic and refined settings for lodging.

Everytime I visit my sister in Île-de-France I love to discover another beautiful location in Île-de-France, enjoy the architecture of the nearby buildings and statues, try new Bib Gourmand restaurants (from Michelin guide app).

There is no end of what you can see and do within the land bordered by the Seine, Oise and Marne.


La Celle st Cloud street
La Celle st Cloud street 1
La Celle st Cloud street 3
La Celle st Cloud street 2



The private garden 4
The private garden 1
The private garden 3
The private garden
The living room
Vasconia 1



My favorite suburb of Paris, with its elegant streets, the largest forest and the superb chateau.

St Germain
St Germain (2)
St Germain streets 4
St Germain streets 3
St Germain streets 2
St Germain streets
St Germain streets 5

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