Feng Shui. The Health and Family on the EAST side.

Feng means wind and Shui means water. In Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good health and fortune. After making a research in this field, I found the Feng shui rules being practical and common sense directives not silly superstitions. Besides the general principles such as: having round shapes instead of edgy furniture, clean home regularly, no junk anywhere in the house especially under the bed, have the toilet lid closed, using full-spectrum lighting instead of fluorescent lighting (a chandelier works the best) etc., I marked some basic and easy directions for the East area of the house that after some studying I put in practice.

But before that, I literally took care of every area of the house, and tried to harmonize the place. I didn’t put Feng Shui fountains or Buddha statues or other Chinese figurines as they don’t really match with our setup. I didn’t want to go to the extremes, only help to flow some good energies with pieces of things that we had already. A general cleaning, throwing away stuff we didn’t use for a while, using some semi – precious stones here and there, replacing stuff based on colors and materials and paying attention to the 5 Feng Shui elements: Earth, Wood, Metal, Water and Fire. And it was about the time to bring in some plants since our 2 year old started to behave with the soil.

For the EAST bagua area, the Health and Family zone, the Feng Shui element used is WOOD and since WATER nourishes the wood, we can bring a strong presence of Feng Shui by using water elements, too.

WOOD element corresponding colors: green and brown.

We can revive the space with vibrant and healthy air purifying plants such as English Ivory, the lucky bamboo, Crassula ovata (money plant) and others. If this side is your kitchen then it’s great having an assortment of aromatic herbs. It is important to have healthy plants that we take care of permanently. A bookcase, pine cones, wood basket, a mural with wood elements, statues and figurines, wood element color pillows, photos of nature finished in wooden frames, a Buddha wooden sculpture, if you find it appropriate. For the exterior the bamboo wind chimes are an effective cure.

WATER element corresponding colors: blue and black.

Water element art: a painting in blue. Be sure the water is clear and moving; for example, the image of a river is a better feng shui cure than the image of a still lake. Other accessories in blue and black. A blue painted wall might do the trick. A rectangular mirror also brings the presence of the Feng Shui Water element.

If you would like to dig in more about this lifestyle of balancing energies of any given space, I recommend you read this article, at first: Basic rules In Feng Shui. 

I assure that after that you will see things different while visiting new interior spaces.

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