Goat cheese& baby spinach

In a large bowl, toss baby spinach, cranberries/ raisins and almonds. Add the goat cheese (you may try the one from Comtesse du Barry). Season with olive oil and cherry balsamic (a good choice is Oliviers&Co, Comtesse du Barry, Grano, Bruno Dalmazio). And of course, salt& pepper! You have the sweetness from the cranberries/ raisins, the crunchiness from the spinach leaves and almonds, the sourness from the cherry balsamic.

Pair it with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc! And.. Enjoy! 🙂

PS: This is very easy to make, I generally prepare it in the winter time when we’re planning a light dinner. Me myself, I love this wonderful green- leafy vegetable, known as one of functional foods for its antioxidants and nutritional constituents.

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