Siècle Paris

When are some of the most beautiful moments in life? I believe when together with the dear ones, while having good food and wine, lovely music in a beautiful relaxed setting or landscape.

In our dining room, the table is the focal point, the place for family and friends gatherings, the place for the most wonderful moments in the evenings. For a complete atmosphere, we love to decorate it to make it look welcoming and inviting and simple. We use these table accessories to surprise our guests. The little mouse for cheese,  the small pins to distinguish the glasses when many of us, the flowers and bugs as knives holder, etc. Only few accents on our table that make people smile and encourage us offer a unique dinner experience.

While strolling on the streets of Paris we discovered Siècle Paris, on Rue du Bac, a contemporary artisan boutique that encounters one’s expectance in great dinner settings. It offers elegant hand crafted jewelry, tableware, home decorations, fine linens and door handles. The artists are the boutique owner himself, Philippe, and his daughter, Salome. You can find here a variety of products, from simple ones to the most sophisticated.

In our passion for beauty, we are “important” customers of Siècle 🙂

Siècle at home:


Siècle dinner service


The mouse for cheese

Flowerpot Decoration

So decorative to present fruits, seafood or fresh vegetables brochettes, a charming sticker to mix your cocktail drinks. 

Flowerpot- Decoration

Flowerpots Decoration

Few accents on our table that make people smile and encourage us offer a unique dinner experience

Glass marker

Glass markers, perfect for parties to keep track of everyone’s glass

Glass marker-party

To avoid having to rewash the glasses during the reception, why not provide a nice way for everyone to find his glass: The glass markers also bring a touch of humor and no doubt will feed conversations

Glass markers

Glass markers -details. Everything you need for a cocktail is plenty of delicious small things to stage with as many lovely dishes and accessories


Siècle Paris offers an attractive blend of quality, service and value


Fish cutlery


Original, genuine products at reasonable prices.


You can visit their site here:


adina shollenbarger
Reply August 7, 2013

very artsy craftmanship! i love it!

Reply August 13, 2013

I remember the "siecle" at your place, amazing dish and amazing look:)

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