Simple little pleasures from Bee Power


We are a family that loves toast in the morning. Toast, salty butter and honey.

Towards honey, the regular grocery store version is not ok, so in the past few years I’ve been searching, asking friends and acquaintances about good and natural honey. At one moment I discovered Bee Power and now, after 1 year of consuming their products, I thought it’s the right time to recommend it to you, just in case you’ve ever stated the issue of finding natural honey (no additives or artificial preservatives). And that’s so hard to find even in the traditional markets.

Bee Power is a small artisan beekeeper with high quality honey, for both nutrition and medical uses. They have their beehives in Caras Severin, at the root of Dognecei Mountains, in Barbosu village, an area famous for its flowers. They have the regular types: acacia, linden, pollen as well as blends of honey and medicinal herbs: curcuma, lavender, almonds, ginger, hazel walnut, apricot seeds, coconut, etc. These products are completely natural blends of honey and plants.

I love that they have so many different flavor varieties so I never get bored. By trying different honeys, you can find the ones you enjoy most.

The ginger and honey loaf is my version of the French “pain d’epices”- I just love its spiciness, Radu enjoys the honey with walnuts and baby girl is having her walnut cream. I use the “beurre au sel de mer” from Comtesse du Barry or the bio one from Mega Image, with chunks of sea salt churned into the butter.. so all I have to do is spread on the toast.. and here I have another great recommendation: Demetra bread, one of the best in Bucharest, after trying some “artisanal” bakeries in the neighborhood and beyond.

To make it true French breakfast, I have my morning Nespresso. Sometimes I change the Nespresso for the freshly roasted coffee around the corner, from Two Minutes II’.

That’s the equation for our perfect week-morning breakfast.. It’s one of those truly simple pleasures in life, when the high quality ingredients just do the trick.

Bee Power hives

Bee Power hives 1


Honey walnuts blend

Honey with raisins

Pure acacia honey


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