What’s in my kitchen: pots & pans!

Great pans to cook with!

Reorganizing & cleaning the kitchen shelves got me to this new post, on essential and stylish cookware pieces that make cooking more enjoyable.

Mauviel – lives up to its name

Generalities: Since 1830, Mauviel has manufactured the highest quality of copper cookware, clearly built to last a lifetime.

Praised by professional chefs, Mauviel copper pans are heat-sensitive, it takes a little getting used to as the conductivity is so fast both heating and cooling. You’ll notice the even distribution of heat. Stainless-steel interior is nonreactive and easy to clean and the bronze handle keeps hands well away from the heat.

Personal use: Nice for browning meats and making sauces in the same pan. Hubby loves using them.

The copper maintenance is sooo easy: salt & vinegar beat up the best detergents, as shown in the video:



Pans n pots


Generalities: This multi-coat enamel pan is durable, ideal for stovetop use, sautéing, browning, steaming and frying or for oven slow cooking, roasting and more. Unsurpassed in quality and design they describe it as the Perfect Pan.

Personal use: I love it as it is versatile: from the oven goes on the dinner table, adapting so well to the setting.

Staub Emile Henry

Emile Henry

Generalities: Keep your dishes looking good from the hob to the oven, from the oven to the table in Emile Henry pans. Made from flameproof ceramic, it is 30% lighter than metal cookware of a similar size. It can sit directly on a burner and is dishwasher safe. Emile Henry is a good option for who is interested in enameled cast iron Dutch ovens, but doesn’t want all that weight.

Personal use: Once a week, I use it for cooking chicken stuffed with lemon, rubbed with a generous amount of salt, oil and freshly ground black pepper, cajun seasoning, plenty of garlic and thyme.

Chicken in the oven EH Emile Henry

Le Creuset

It is for people who love cooking fine meals for family and friends who appreciate this tradition of quality.

As adorable as it is useful! These mini Cocotte are suitable for a variety of dishes, from starters, desserts or simply to serve dips and sauces.

Personal use: I use it at breakfast, for my chia & almond milk pudding and I was also using it for the violet mashed potato, at dinner, few days ago. First class all the way 😉

Cook with love and laughter!

Mini Cocotte Le Creuset Le Creusete Cocotte _ Chia pudding Cocotte Le Creuset



Cristina Barbu
Reply February 13, 2015

Foarte interesant. Multumim pentru informatii.

Reply February 13, 2015

Ma bucur ca iti place! ;)

Reply July 19, 2016

the pans look amazing as well the food that you cooked ! Great post!

Reply July 31, 2017

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