Italian Cooking Contest @ Athénée Palace Hilton

Last week, Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest hosted the network event ” Italian Cooking Competition” at Roberto’s Restaurant, the Italian restaurant inside the hotel.

The event, organized in collaboration with The Italian Chamber of Commerce with the participation of The Netherlands and British Chambers, started with the cooking competition itself, under the supervision of the Italian cook, Marco Magri.

We, the audience, got the joy watching the 6 participants in challenges that test their culinary skills and creativity on the best risotto, with a basic given recipe, elements of mystery ingredients  and timed competition.

Afterwards  everyone was invited to celebrate the taste of Italy with a buffet which reflected the new brunch concept that Hilton has introduced this season whith plenty of live stations which give a new dimension to the art of gastronomy. To see the chefs preparing food in front of you is part of the joy of a dining experience.

This is the 2nd time Hilton is organising a „Cooking Competition” and participants are either chefs or non- professional.

In order to participate you just have to love cooking, create beauty in the plate – by taste and by looks.

In the recent years, the cooking has changed from just educational demos to more lavish and complex where the cooks struggle to make superior dishes. These cooking competitions have become a part of mainstream pop-culture as many people begin to have an interest in cooking.

In this respect, let’ s not forget that Hilton is having some of the most versatile and useful cooking classes: from 3 months cooking classes to ‘1 day learn 4 types of food cooking class’.

Cooking Contest - 21 NOV 2013-359

Cooking Contest - 21 NOV 2013-355

Cooking Contest - 21 NOV 2013-363

Cooking Contest - 21 NOV 2013-324

Cooking Contest - 21 NOV 2013-309

Cooking Contest - 21 NOV 2013-376

Cooking Contest - 21 NOV 2013-380

Cooking Contest - 21 NOV 2013-441

Cooking Contest - 21 NOV 2013-462


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