Cosi Tabellini

Cosi Tabellini conceives decorative objects of daily use, easy to utilize and of original form. The items are hand-made in small series in an alloy composed of tin (95%), antimony and copper.
The impressive and wide range of decorative items (more than 400) includes: dinnerware, pewter bath accessories, flower pot holders, pewter giftware and more.

We use the dining table accessories for both decorative and functionality purposes. The pewter watter glasses that give us the feeling the water is colder, the pewter & glass designed cans, the ceramic sugar bowl are both stylish and functional. These small kitchen accessories are exciting and elegant ways to complete the décor.

Cosi Tabellini for home

A well thought-out centerpiece on the dinner table, the candlesticks, add some romatism and mysticism to the whole setting.

Whether we are planning a stand up bite or simply having a drink at the table, we get the most enjoyment in adding these lovely details.

Cosi Tabellini

Cosi Tabellini in movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, The man in the iron mask, Material girls, Guerra e Pace, The Three Musketeers.
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