This story begins with a ball, Transylvanian Rolling Ball


Transylvania, the region with a rare combination of cultures, nature and history is hosting a spectacular event, The Transylvanian Rolling Ball. Founded in 2009 by an ancient székler family in Transylvania,  Mikes de Zabola Roy Chowdhury, by the German family, Ulrike& Jonas Schäfer, owners of the spectacular Valea Verde resort, in Cund and by the Bánffy family, descendants of the Hungarian duke György Bánffy, the governor of Transylvania. The exquisite event takes place in different, ancient, not yet renovated castles in the magic and mystery of Transylvania.

A little bit of history… While the Romans called it Trans-Sylvania, “beyond the forest”, it is Siebenburgen in German, that translates as “seven fortress towns”, and hints at the significance of Saxons shipped in during the 12th century from Flanders and the Moselle Valley to defend the sparsely populated region from repeated invasions. Those seven fortresses (Bistrita, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Medias, Sebes, Sibiu and Sighisoara) from 7 different counties, are the great survivors.

Starting from this, the Transylvanian Rolling Ball is conceived to take place, every year, for 7 years, in a different castle in one of these old fortress regions.

In 2013, the 5th Transylvanian Rolling Ball took place at the Banffy Castle, Ciuguzel City, Alba. I attended the Ball for the 2nd time and I must admit it was exquisite. For one night we entered a different reality, as the Ball takes you back in time with candle linghting, waltz& traditional music, royalties and wonderful gowns.


We had a wonderful dinner consisting of three course menu, in the cellar of the castle. We were delighted with white Gazpacho as starter, garnished with toasted pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil, continuing with Transylvanian lamb in red wine reduction with coriander-pea puree & an olive oil, basil mash. The dessert was a duo of espresso flavored Panna Cotta with a wild raspberry and a white chocolate mousse with a green tea infusion. It was amazingly catered by Ulrike & Jonas Schäfer.


The organizers of the Transylvanian Rolling Ball

This is a charity event and the profit of the ball supports youth education in Transylvania via foundation  During the evening, there is a raffle taking place, a fun moment, in the tradition of the Ball. In 2012 I won one night at Brody House, Budapest, a very exquisite boutique hotel.. enjoyable moment for a first time winners in raffles.






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